Law Firm and IP Agency
As a group of attendees second only to pharmaceutical companies, law firms and intellectual property agencies are the most directly related solution providers.Based on the heat of pharmaceutical intellectual property rights,a number of law firms and IP agencies have set up specialized pharmaceutical or chemical departments to respond to the legal needs of pharmaceutical companies in the industry.And many firms and agencies are competing to showcase their solutions and expanding their businesses through sponsorship.

IP Software
Software is an important tool in the field of intellectual property.Some large software vendors have developed software specifically for the field of intellectual property.Especially ,those software products which are specially developed on the basis of the specificities in pharma and biotech fields will be concerned by the industry companies And timely display will attract the attention within the industry.

Patent Information Search
Patent searching is a necessary step in the process of patent development, application, protection and management. In the process of globalization of intellectual property rights, the comprehensiveness and timely grasp of patent information is very important . And continuous display is the key to maintaining the leading position in the industry.

Patent Translation
The patents protection have been developed in many countries or regions.And the multilingual patent literature has become an indispensable preparation to the distribution of intellectual property rights for every enterprise. To the pharmaceutical industries, Patent-specific translation companies are an essential partner in the process of working.Also, Continuous display makes the pharmaceutical industries guiding your advantages and authority in the filed of patent translation.