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Personal Profile

Nick Qinghui Liu, PH.D, is currently an equity partner and lawyer of Beijing AnJie Law Firm. He is also the deputy director of Intellectual Property Arbitration Theory Research Committee of China Academy of Arbitration Law. His practice areas include but not limited to intellectual property litigation and arbitration. He has represented quite a number of Fortune 500 companies, such as Qualcomm and AstraZeneca.

Prior to practicing law, Dr. Liu had been working in Beijing High People’s Court for ten years and had handled more than 2,000 intellectual property cases. Dr. Liu has published three academic monographs titled “Guideline for Patent Infringement Litigation in China” “Application of the Law on Invention/Utility Model Administrative Lawsuits – Rules and Cases” and “Liability of Internet Service Providers on Indirect Intellectual Property Infringement” in the year of 2018 and 2019.  These books server as good carried-on Guidance for resolving various IP related issues.  Dr. Liu has also authored a great number of journal articles and essays in such journals as Intellectual Property Rights, Social Sciences of Beijing, and People's Judicature Case. 

Dr. Liu has also been invited to give keynote speeches on courses/seminars organized inside of the courts and outside of the courts including Beijing Patent Attorneys Association, Beijing Lawyers Association and other institutions.  The speeches cover topics such as Patent Administrative Litigation Practices and Issues, Rules and Cases of determining Patent Infringement, Understanding and Application of Beijing High People’s Court’s “Determination Guideline of Patent Infringement 2017”, Explanation of Patent Claims and other courses and the like all have been widely applauded.